Sports/fitness cyclists
Are you targeting a tough challenge ride, a cyclo-sportive or a long Audax? Not sure how to optimise your preparation? Read more

Racing cyclists
Finding the right formula, the best mix of training volume and training intensity, is a task that all competitive cyclists face. Read more

Competitive tri-athletes need to be good cyclists and this is often the discipline where there is most opportunity for improvement. Read more

Are you a beginner? Do you enjoy doing some riding and you want to get more out of your cycling? Or perhaps you want to use cycling to lose some weight and generally improve your fitness and health? Read more

Association of British Cycling Coaches

Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Cycling (Road and Time Trial)

British Cycling Coach-Education Tutor




Coaching Services


  • Detailed rider questionnaire
  • An initial consultation
  • An overview of training phases to meet your goals
  • Full descriptions of all assigned training sessions
  • Fully personalised training plan, either:
    • Bronze Coaching: 3-month training plan
    • Bronze Plus Coaching: 4-week training plan with 4-weekly review
  • Advice on lifestyle, nutrition etc, as required


Both Bronze Coaching packages offer a consultation and a training plan fully tailored to your needs. Your fitness level, experience, time available for training and preferred training methods will all be taken into account and the training I specify will lead to the targets we have identified. General advice on how to carry out your training will be provided.

Bronze Coaching does not include formal ongoing support, monitoring or feedback. However, I would be pleased to exchange a few e-mails to understand your progress and if I can answer an occasional brief query about your training I would be pleased to do so.

Bronze Plus Coaching is an ongoing package which includes 4-weekly reviews and updated plans.

 Cost: Bronze Coaching

£200 for initial consultation and plan

When your 3-month plan expires you have the option of a phone review and a new 3-month plan for a further fee of £90.

 Cost: Bronze Plus Coaching

£180 for initial consultation and first 4-week plan; £60 per month thereafter for 4-weekly reviews and new plans.


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