Sports/fitness cyclists
Are you targeting a tough challenge ride, a cyclo-sportive or a long Audax? Not sure how to optimise your preparation? Read more

Racing cyclists
Finding the right formula, the best mix of training volume and training intensity, is a task that all competitive cyclists face. Read more

Competitive tri-athletes need to be good cyclists and this is often the discipline where there is most opportunity for improvement. Read more

Are you a beginner? Do you enjoy doing some riding and you want to get more out of your cycling? Or perhaps you want to use cycling to lose some weight and generally improve your fitness and health? Read more

Association of British Cycling Coaches

Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Cycling (Road and Time Trial)

British Cycling Coach-Education Tutor


Sports / Fitness Cyclists

If you are keen, enthusiastic and fairly fit, but not quite sure how to approach the specific preparation for a major event or challenge ride then a cycling coach could be exactly what you need. You may be just a bit daunted at the task you’ve taken on and you know you’ve got to work efficiently to raise your fitness with only limited time. Or perhaps you already have some experience of cycling for sport and fitness but you are wondering how much better you could perform if only you knew how best to optimise your training?

Sports Fitness Cyclists

This is where personal coaching can remove the doubt and uncertainty about your training and preparation. With the knowledge and guidance of a qualified coach who has completed the most gruelling cycling challenges in the mountains of Europe, you can be sure to reach your potential in the most time-efficient way. Arduous training is never easy but when you are confident that the sacrifices will yield results, the motivation and focus come that much more easily. Working with a supportive coach will give you that confidence to achieve a level of fitness you never thought possible.


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