Sports/fitness cyclists
Are you targeting a tough challenge ride, a cyclo-sportive or a long Audax? Not sure how to optimise your preparation? Read more

Racing cyclists
Finding the right formula, the best mix of training volume and training intensity, is a task that all competitive cyclists face. Read more

Competitive tri-athletes need to be good cyclists and this is often the discipline where there is most opportunity for improvement. Read more

Are you a beginner? Do you enjoy doing some riding and you want to get more out of your cycling? Or perhaps you want to use cycling to lose some weight and generally improve your fitness and health? Read more

Association of British Cycling Coaches

Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Cycling (Road and Time Trial)

British Cycling Coach-Education Tutor



Cycling is a wonderful zero-impact activityCycling is a wonderful zero-impact activity that will not cause strains and injuries if you have a correctly-fitting bike and you build up your fitness and stamina gradually. It can be enjoyed by everyone, old or young, active or inactive, competitive and uncompetitive. The health benefits of regular cycling are too numerous to mention, but this sport needn’t be like daily penance at the gym. Ride for health and fitness and explore the countryside. Ride with friends for a good social time or commute to work and save on petrol costs.

For a novice a cycling coach can be like the more familiar gym personal trainer. An individualised programme is needed to build up strength and stamina gradually, along with the correct stretching, rest, nutrition and lifestyle choices. Motivation to stick with your schedule comes more easily with a coach to help and guide you at every step of your development as a cyclist. A sympathetic and knowledgeable ear is available to answer questions and assist with difficulties, however trivial or minor. In addition you get into the habit of recording your rides so that with careful monitoring you will clearly see your progress and can feel confident that your effort is worthwhile.


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