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“I contacted Ruth as I had started riding with my local cycling club and decided that I wanted to get stronger on my bike with the aim of completing long hilly sportives without feeling I needed to ride with someone else to get me round. I have always ridden bikes but mainly commuting and cross country mountain-biking.

When Ruth had a vacancy I duly went along (at the time with a broken wrist) and after listening and understanding my aims Ruth put together a plan which I knew I could stick to. Having someone else write the plan and sending in my workout files made sure that I did the sessions as to begin with it felt like sending in my “homework”.

After a couple of months, and out of nowhere really, I was asked if I wanted to join a new local women’s cycling team to road race! Ruth took this complete change in direction in her stride, immediately rising the challenge of how to turn a club rider into a road racer. With Ruth’s encouragement and belief that I would be OK in a road race, I threw myself into the training and Ruth taught me what it means to train. Previously when I did a turbo session I thought I was working hard, but with Ruth’s guidance I learnt how to really work hard and recognise when to keep pushing through the burning legs and lungs. In the couple of seasons that I competed I raced in Tour Series town centre criteriums, finished in the bunch in the womens inaugural Tour De Yorkshire and achieved my 2nd cat license. All of which I had never dreamed I would be capable of doing.

The focus then shifted to Cyclocross as that is the sport that I really love. I progressed from local league races to taking part in the National Trophy, the World Masters in Belgium, and becoming National Age-Group Champion and twice coming third in the Veteran National Trophy Series.

None of this would have been possible without the guidance I have received from Ruth, from decisions when to build up to my base and then switch to focus more on technique. And despite the change in emphasis I did also achieve my original goal in riding the Etape Du Dales and Struggle Sportives.”

Alison Kinloch
PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT - Yorkshire

“Ruth and I have worked together now for a couple of seasons and I have to say I have not only achieved but exceeded the goals we have set. OK so it is my legs that have to spin but the results and achievements have, in my opinion, only come as part of a real team effort. Ruth is diligent in her planning and feedback, she is always readily accessible by phone or email. However, it is the extra ‘something else’ that Ruth has brought to my training and performances that has been so important but it is that ‘something’ which is really difficult to quantify or articulate - you just know it when you see it. Ruth has an innate ability not only to capture and express what is needed but has the ability to help find that something extra and moreover knows just when and how to apply this touch. Ruth is always supportive but does this in an appropriate manner, sometimes sympathetic, sometimes firm and other times well just right! This year I have ridden my first 25 in under an hour and achieved PB’s both in terms of power and time at both 10 and 25 mile distances. I really look forward to continuing our relationship and seeing how much further I can push myself, whilst at my age and with my abilities I will never be challenging for an olympic medal I am certain that working with Ruth will enable me to achieve the best I can be on my bike!”

Rod Weston
Sleaford Wheelers CC

“Ruth started coaching me in 2012 and since then I have got quicker every year - despite fighting increasing years. Back in 2011 I kept being close to winning club championships without ever quite succeeding with plenty of seconds and thirds. Now in 2017 thanks to Ruth’s programme, analysis, careful attention to detail and support my times keep improving and I have picked up 19 club trophies since then plus VTTA Midlands recognition and a 14th in the National VTTA 100 this year. A big thanks to Ruth for all her guidance and help over the years.”

Simon Dighton
Beacon Roads Cycling Club

“I wanted to write to say I appreciate your willingness to speak to what is realistic in training rather than fantasies about what is achievable. Its relieving to hear and I can trust that. I feel comfortable and supported in my goals (such as they are) knowing you are focussed on responding to how I actually am and to what is realistic for me. Thank you. Thats what I want and value. I feel lucky to have you take me on.

After the illness I thought cycling had gone from my life. With your guidance I am coming into some sense of being able to improve fitness again, something I didn’t expect. I’m delighting in every small sense of improvement. Its all a bonus to me.”


“Ten months ago I bought my first road bike and nine months ago I entered the 2016 Etape du Tour with the idea that it would be a tough goal to aim for. Last weekend I completed the etape. Not only did I really enjoy the event as I was well prepared but I also got a good time - in the top third of all women, and in the top half of all female and male competitors.

I found Ruth after a quick Google search and met with her in early 2016. I had lots of questions and I knew that I needed some kind of training plan that would take me from zero to semi-hero. I hadn't worked with a sports coach before and I had never really had a training plan. Ruth helped me with a training plan and advice on bike, nutrition and event tactics. As my cycling progressed she gave me advice on clubs and training camps. Having a training plan meant that my time on my bike was valuable - there were no miles for the sake of it. As someone who works long hours this was very important.

I know that Ruth has some very successful coaching relationships with elite level cyclists. Her experience and science are applied just as well to relative new comers like me to the sport. I feel like I've saved a lot of time and false starts through working with her early on in my cycling journey. I'm now completely hooked and looking at racing and getting a fast time round Ride London. These are things that I wouldn't have thought possible at the start of this year.”

Jacintha Hamilton-Love

“I approached Ruth earlier this year, looking for some help in my preparation for the Dartmoor Classic ‘Grande’ sportive. I had set myself the target of finishing within the Gold Standard time and felt that without a formal training plan I had little chance of reaching the goal.

As a 60 year old who had only reluctantly come to road cycling over the previous couple of years following hip surgery, I had certainly caught the cycling bug, but although putting in quite respectable mileage, my riding had plateaued. Ruth's almost understated website caught my attention as being different and I liked the idea of following a plan specifically produced for me without the expense of a more supported coaching package. Initially I received a very comprehensive questionnaire from Ruth which was used as the basis for a lengthy telephone conference. I had been worried that this might feel a bit remote but it was clear that Ruth had gained a good understanding of where I was with my fitness and had obviously spent some time digesting the information I had been able to give her. It was really easy to talk to Ruth and even at this early stage I learnt much from her about how to achieve my goal. The plan arrived together with a detailed summary of our conference and I was amazed at how well Ruth understood my background and goal.

The plan itself was comprehensive with plenty of information that helped me understand what I needed to do from establishing my heart rate zones through to completing the variety of sessions. Although the Bronze level package that I chose is essentially self supported I was encouraged to keep in touch occasionally with an email progress report.

Did the plan work? - Superbly! I finished my 107 mile Sportive almost half an hour quicker than the previous year and 14 minutes quicker than my target time. Ruth’s support has changed my outlook on how I ride and I would not have believed that I could have seen such an improvement over 15 weeks. I have tried to follow mass produced training plans before but have found that for me they did not really work. The fact that this was ‘my plan’ has made a huge difference.”

Andy Owen

“What can I say - thank you, thank you, thank you. Five years of consistent and challenging support. I wasn’t sure how well remote coaching would work - but you delivered the most personal bespoke service I could have imagined. The best coaching experience I have ever had. Looking back my highlights: teaching me to road race culminating in me wearing the leader’s yellow jersey in the prestigious LVRC Mestina series; helping me do track, where I actually won a few events, with best for me winning the 20k race one night; and then supporting me so well over the last 3 years as I fell in love with CX. From total amateur to fairly competent racer - winning a race in Central league and runner up last year in the Wessex League V50 event. What I so appreciated was having someone to push me on where I needed it but telling me to rest up where that was needed. Ruth it has been fantastic.”

James Pilgrim-Morris

“Me 18 months ago: 51 years of age, 13st 10 lb and bored. Having had a 3 year break from cycling with no real training at all I wondered......... could I ever regain my fitness?

I’m now 11st 11lb. I’ve just finished a very tough 3-day stage race, “The Tour of The Abberleys”. I’ve competed in the 2014 LVRC National Championships. I’ve also finished several other LVRC road races and I’m racing actively, not just “sitting in”. To top off these achievements I’ve just finished a 10-mile time trial with a personal best time since 2006 of 22:28. I believe there’s still more to come!

I remember setting goals with Ruth when we first met and to be honest in my wildest dreams I would not have thought the above would have been possible. I genuinely believe that I could not have reached this level of fitness without Ruth’s guidance, patience (and she’s needed that), expertise and what I have found to be a very genuine interest and desire to get my training plans just right for me. Every training plan has been formed and tailored to meet my specific cycling goals.

There are several examples I could give when Ruth has demonstrated to me her utmost integrity, honesty, competence and expert knowledge to the highest level. She also has a very hard working ethic.

My plans and feedback have never been late or lacking in detail or analysis. Ruth has scrutinised my training data and sent me accurate, individualised feedback and advice. Ruth has educated and guided me to my own conclusions as well as used a “this is how it is approach” (I did ask her for direct communication!).

I really can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds for me, as I’m still raring to go……… Thank you, Ruth.”

Mark Burnham
Coventry Road Club

“In summary Ruth’s training plan worked, I achieved all my objectives and more! I would definitely engage her again and recommend her to other cyclists.

I decided to try a training plan to see if it worked, I have read a lot about what you should do when training but would never have followed a plan I put together. My objectives were to improve my timed hill climbs, Alpe d’Huez and Les Deux Alpes & beat my sportive times.

Ruth was recommended to me by a friend, so once I decided I was going to get a 3 month plan, I e-mailed her, unfortunately I had to wait a year to become one of her clients (there is a waiting list) however this did show that she would not take on too many clients to the detriment of others.

I chose Ruth’s bronze service, a 3 month plan. We had an initial phone conversation (we couldn’t meet up as I live in France) for Ruth to understand more about my objectives, cycling, available time and cycling likes / dislikes. I found her very easy to talk to and it was a bonus that she had cycled in the area where I live. From this conversation Ruth sent me a power based plan with supplementary information, not too much information, just right for me.

I followed the plan religiously, I really did want to see if it worked and improve! I enjoyed following the plan, the varied sessions and most of all seeing improvement, I am fortunate having a power meter but I could see improvement as I went further in my intervals! A couple of my race dates changed so I asked Ruth if she would flex my plan to suit which she kindly did.

I choose to extend my plan to take in my whole season as I was so pleased with the results of the first one. Once again it worked and I saw continuous improvement.

If I choose to follow another training plan, I will definitely contact Ruth again, I like her approach, all very understandable and most of all it produces results.”

Lynne Coldray
Le Velo Jaune b&b Bourg d’Oisans, Alpe d’Huez

“I started time trialling in 2011 at a time when I had a little boy, a baby on the way and also a demanding job. I had very little time to train except on my commute so I decided to find myself a coach. After the initial telephone conversation with Ruth talking about my goals and weaknesses I realised I was talking to the right person. My first training plan from Ruth was extremely impressive and since then it always arrives bang on time every month. I always look forward to Ruth's feedback even though sometimes she tells me to pull my socks up. She is always quick to answer any questions about my training. Whenever I talk to Ruth she has endless enthusiasm and support for me. But more importantly she listens.

My first race was in May and in such a short time following Ruth's training program I was amazed to finish 5th in an open 10-mile TT. As the season went on I got stronger and faster, soon achieving my first win! I was by now completing almost all my races in the top 5. I had a fantastic first season and I believe that the reason I got to this level so quickly is down to Ruth's coaching.

After a very good winter's training with Ruth it was soon time to start racing in 2012 and in my first race of the year I did a new 25-mile PB of 51.43. Since then I have won 4 open 10s, a number of club 10s and 25s and recently did another new 25-mile PB of 51.03.”

Luke Dix
Cardiff Jif
Winner of the 2012 Celtic TT Series

“You might remember I said at our first talk that if I ever did the Etape I wanted to do it when I could ride it with ease. In the bus on the way back a number of the guys were broken . There were cyclists lying alongside the road on the last hill. But I found it easy to go at the pace I went round at. I guess I could have gone faster, but I just relaxed into the ride and soaked up the experience....... I raced the last Km. I felt really fresh. All those months of training really paid off. I had a great day. So thanks for the support Ruth. ........ I am delighted with how I did on Sunday so thank you.”

Eddie O’Connor
Dursley, Gloucestershire

“I was the wrong side of 40, new to cycling and the veteran of one club time trial when I “met” Ruth on an internet forum. Her helpful approach led to me taking her on as my coach a few weeks later with a 25 pb of 1:08:10 and an ambitious target to get 10% quicker over the next 12 months. Ruth called this target “a big ask” but diligently set about preparing me training plans to try and make it happen. Steady progress followed, and 12 months later I found myself going 17% quicker than my benchmark and on the podium alongside Ruth and Julia Shaw at Blenheim. I never dreamed of the national honours that would follow in the next two years – 4 national team titles, a team comp record, 3 age group titles, an individual silver in the National 50 and the best of all - a championship title in the National 100. I had to pinch myself when reading the headline “Hutchinson and Slack astound” in Cycling Weekly.

Ruth is a “less is more” type coach relative to many others, and is able to devise plans to fit around my family commitments. I owe a lot to Ruth - without her initial encouragement I might never have done another TT and without her patient and personal approach to coaching I would certainly never have achieved the successes I have.”

Rebecca Slack
National 100-mile Time Trial Champion 2011 & 2012

“After 10 years of time trialling and getting nowhere near "the hour" for a 25, I decided 2011 was going to be my final year at racing. My times were mediocre and the racing was not enjoyable anymore. I decided to work with a coach to see if they could help me improve. Looking through the various websites I strangely kept coming back to Ruth's web page. One thing stood out above all: she had been there and done that............ I made contact with Ruth and I could tell straight away that she was the right choice. What you get is not just a rehashed coaching plan from a book, its a complete personalised service from cycle training through nutrition and lifestyle. Well, after just a month into this years racing season, I knocked over 3 minutes from my all time 25-mile personal best and "the hour" is just a handful of seconds away. How many coaches could do that for you? Not many I would say. My racing is now enjoyable, and my confidence has gone from rock bottom to sky high, and it's all thanks to Ruth Eyles Coaching.”

Paul Hyde
Kent Cycles RC

“After a pretty good first year at time trialling, I wanted to step up to the next level. I choose Ruth because of her success in time trialling. Ruth is very methodical, and thorough in producing coaching plans to fit your experience and goals, and is able to really motivate you. I have seen a massive improvement in all my TT times from 10 miles up to 100 miles, and over a 30 mile increase in my 12 hour TT distance. I reached and exceeded the next level, and surpassed all my goals I set myself for 2010. For anyone who wishes to see an improvement in their cycling, I can’t think of a better coach. I can’t wait for next season to begin.”

Steve Berry
San Fairy Ann CC
Kent Cycling Association BAR Champion 2010

“I sought Ruth’s help initially as I had signed up for an arduous week-long challenge ride and I had little time to build my fitness. She was incredibly thorough in finding out about my abilities, lifestyle and aims culminating in a 3 month plan which provided me with quality training. Having successfully completed the ride I decided to have a go at time trials and once again Ruth’s background and knowledge was invaluable. After just two seasons of steady progress I was delighted to break the hour mark for a 25 mile time trial and win a trophy. Ruth is intelligent, thoughtful and cares about the people she coaches. Her methods work and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Peter Delves
Coventry Road Club

“Thank you for all the plans and advice which have improved my ability and the enjoyment cycling has given. The results which I have achieved are very satisfying. The Etape was an amazing fitness has improved enormously and will continue to do so. All in all signing up with you has been a really life-changing experience in health terms and certainly given me a new interest and targets to aim for.”

Edward Lycett Green
Chard, Somerset

Tony Farrell “The wind is the biggest factor in training and I’m feeling much stronger riding into it than I believe I was prior to the programme. In fact it is the overall sense of improved strength and power that pleases me, and in such a short time. I know you said I’m starting from a decent level but I would never have put together a programme like this for myself but your objectivity has been invaluable and the challenge you set has lifted my targets for myself in terms of expectations............Thanks again, you have been invaluable in motivating me and setting out the challenges.”

Tony Farrell
Manchester & Northwest Vets
2008 British TT Champion (Masters, G)

“I am a keen time triallist and Ruth has given me coaching advice and detailed monthly plans throughout the 2008 season. With her help and guidance I have improved quite considerably and achieved life-time personal bests of 20.05 in a 10, 53.02 in a 25 and 3.54.35 in a 100. I also won two local season-long time trial competitions, the Cyclesense Tadcaster League and the Pool Triangle. I have definitely exceeded my goals this season. I am very impressed by Ruth's dedication and willingness to provide personalised support. I look forward to continuing to work with her for next season.”

John Colman
Yorkshire Road Club

“After an initial telephone conversation with Ruth, I realised I was talking to the right person. I signed up for Ruth's Bronze Service, and following completion of the questionnaire and a one to one meeting, I took delivery of an extremely impressive package of information. The plan was easy to understand and follow, and was accompanied by very clear and concise explanations of each of the training sessions, eating and drinking on and off the bike, how to use a Heart Rate Monitor and use training zones, so that I not only understood what I had to do, but understood why.

Ruth has helped me to develop from being a cyclist who found a 30 mile ride at an average speed of 12mph a bit of a struggle, to one who was able to complete a 150K audax comfortably at 15mph in 2 ½ months. I was so pleased with the first 3 month plan, that I had no hesitation in signing up for another 3 months.”

Andy Faden

“I did it because I trusted you that I had done the right training and listened to all your feedback and tried to ride the event and pace myself as you suggested. Without your help I would have had a lack of consistency in my training, lack of miles and would have started too quickly and almost definitely bonked at some point. I simply trust you and believe being coached gives me something to trust - your feedback proves to be invaluable and allows me to believe. I won't pretend it is easy at times doing the rides etc but I get a weird reward by doing what you suggest and learn and appreciate your comments.”

West Sussex

“After the ride my brother remarked that I was much fitter than I was when we rode together in May...... I had to admit that I had been receiving secret coaching! He is thinking of going for the French Etape and I have recommended your coaching....... Without your coaching I don't think I would have felt good on the Etape Caledonia or London to Canterbury............ I now feel confident that I can easily achieve more with using your style of training. If you have any customers who need a testimonial please feel free to give my email!”


“I first met Ruth on an internet cycling training forum in 2007 and was impressed by her helpful attitude and clear advice. When it became possible for her to coach me I jumped at the opportunity – how often does an ordinary club rider get the chance to be advised by a British champion? (Women’s British Best All Rounder, 2005). It is early days for us working together, but the experience has been very positive so far. I look forward to achieving good results with Ruth’s help.”


“Very happy with Ruth's coaching. I'm not interested in racing or time trialling but wanted to make the best use of my time on the bike training for Audax and sportive events. Ruth has provided an achievable plan that can be maintained even with the restrictions of a demanding job and a young family. She took time to listen to my requests and what my targets for the season would be. The sessions are clear to follow, and improvements were noticeable.”



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