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Are you targeting a tough challenge ride, a cyclo-sportive or a long Audax? Not sure how to optimise your preparation? Read more

Racing cyclists
Finding the right formula, the best mix of training volume and training intensity, is a task that all competitive cyclists face. Read more

Competitive tri-athletes need to be good cyclists and this is often the discipline where there is most opportunity for improvement. Read more

Are you a beginner? Do you enjoy doing some riding and you want to get more out of your cycling? Or perhaps you want to use cycling to lose some weight and generally improve your fitness and health? Read more

Association of British Cycling Coaches

Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Cycling (Road and Time Trial)

British Cycling Coach-Education Tutor


Coaching Services

Coaching ServicesTo every question about training there are a multitude of answers and the optimal training for any individual will always depend on their background, their aspirations, their commitment to cycling and their available time. Each individual also responds to training very differently, requiring a different level of support, advice, encouragement and motivation according to their personality.

In order to coach you effectively it is therefore essential that I take time to gain some detailed knowledge about you as a rider and that I learn about what kind of cyclist you are, your targets, what inspires you, your cycling likes and dislikes and which particular training methods will be most beneficial for you.

My starting point with every rider for Gold, Silver, Bronze Plus and Bronze coaching is a very thorough and detailed questionnaire. Once completed I use the questionnaire as the basis for an extensive consultation in which both of us have an opportunity to ask questions, begin to understand each other and establish how we will work effectively as a coach-rider team. If you are based in the Midlands we can arrange to meet for this consultation or if you prefer we can speak on the ‘phone.

In addition to structured training plans I also offer the opportunity of flexible Mentoring which can be tailored exactly to fit your needs.

Please contact me to discuss any of my Coaching Services.


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